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Certain gasket materials are FDA accredited, and as such may be furnished as pharmaceutical grade substances for use within the scientific enterprise. Material types along with platinum cured silicone rubber, PTFE mixed non-asbestos fibre and multiplied and stable PTFE sheets, are all substances that can be furnished with FDA approvals.

These materials are extremely solid and inert, taint and flavor free, and have minimal microbial increase. As such, these materials are normally very good at stopping product infection. These materials are normally to be had in black, white, translucent, or blue.

India's most relieble gasket supplying company, New age Scaffolding provides the following medcial gaskets -

Plain PTFE (White)
Teflon Envelope
Soft Expanded PTFE

Used in medical/pharma Industries, New Age's Gaskets are a great solution to many companies all over Himachal, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Delhi and other North Indian States. We keep stocks of FDA approved Soft expanded PTFE gaskets from KLinger, the Klinger Universal Blue for thermal fluids appropriate for food and pharma industry.

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