High Temperature and pressure withstanding graphite gaskets

Graphite is generally used in high temperature and high pressure environments, and commonly finds applications in steam cycling or exhaust applications.  It is an ideal material for most industrial fluid sealing applications. India's trusted manufacturers and suppliers of flexible high strength graphite gaskets, New Age Scaffolding is also proud distributors of Klinger gaskets in Delhi and Champion jointings 

Graphite is a shape of carbon in which the atoms are organized in layers or sheets. allowing them to slide over one another without problems, which translates to a slippery experience and this slipperiness or low coefficient of friction is useful in gasketing or sealing. As mating surfaces are delivered together graphite allows a few slip and that accommodates any rotation or sideways motion because the clamping load is going on without detrimental the sealing cloth. Used as a dynamic or shaft seal the low friction properties of graphite minimize electricity losses and warmth construct-up whilst retaining an effective barrier.

Alongwith being very soft, graphite is pretty inert. It resists attack from maximum corrosive chemicals, even at high temperatures, and likewise doesn’t contaminate them.Again making it ideal for sealing use. 

We've always followed global standards of safety and quality and hence reached to be trusted gasket suppliers in India.

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