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Delhi based manufacturer and suppliers of non-asbestos/asbestos free gaskets and sheets, New Age Scaffolding, is a trustworthy name in entire India for its quality products and timely deliveries. Company takes complete care to observe quality standards and hold associations with known groups like Klinger and Champion for gaskets, sheets and jointings.

We have read about the application of asbestos in one of our articles, Asbestos Was the Choice of Sealing, but then it’s a known fact that how hazardous and poisonous can regular exposure to asbestos be. Hence, demand for non asbestos products keep rising in all industries. Our company has been a reliable stockist and supplier of asbestos free sheets from Klinger and Champion and also non asbestos gland packing in graphite and PTFE serving all over North India. . New Age Scaffolding supplies PTFE gaskets seals to pharmaceutical as well as food industries all over India.

Non asbestos gaskets have proven very useful in factories because of their properties like - Excellent Heat and Pressure bearing capacity, Chemical Resistant, Good for use with water, Good for use with petrol, Have good resistance to natural gases, Non-stick etc.
Asbestos free roofing sheets are not only much safer but also long lasting. These have high impact resistance and so are virtually unbreakable and also provide high heat and sound insulation. These have found high demands in chemical industries or fumes emitting industries and warehouses. Also, non asbestos gland packing is used in harsh applications like nuclear environments and in the handling of corrosive products. Originally old ropes and natural fiber products were used for sealing, then came up other alternatives which were found not very safe as technology advanced and now they are being replaced by asbestos free seals and gaskets and sheets.

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