Choosing Quality Gasket Seals forFood and Pharma

Choosing Quality Gasket Seals forFood and PharmaEffective and safe packaging is an important aspect of food and beverage and also medical industry. Seal strength plays a vital role in food and medicine protection and preservation. Our company stocks and supplies FDA grades gaskets for pharma and food industry in PTFE all over North India to Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Himanchal, Uttarakhand etc. Sealing can be extremely challenging with the high pressures of the oil and gas industry, or the high temperatures of steel working or power generation. It is of utmost importance that the seal material meets the safety standards and regulatory guidelines.

Before choosing an apt gasket seal, following few points should be well considered -

Size:  details of the seal area and surrounding interfaces
Temperature: details like minimum, maximum, typically running, thermal cycling
Application: Type of movement, type of equipment that needs to be sealed, make and model of equipment, surface finish, reason of seal change etc
Media: What does the seal come into contact with – any chemicals, oils, cleaning or sterilizing agents.
Pressure: details like minimum, maximum, typically running, pressure cycling
Speed: Surface contact speed, shaft diameter, shaft speed etc

Other than this quality and strength has to be maintained to be bale to withstand the pressure of shifting transportation etc. Lets have a look at the commonly used methods to analyze the seals of food packaging:

Gas leak test
Ultrasonic Seal test
vaccuum decay test
Bubble emission test
Dye penetration test
Seal strength test 

Our product line of food grade and pharma gaskets include -

Neoprene Rubber
Silicone Rubber
Plain PTFE
Teflon Envelope
Soft Expanded PTFE

New Age Scaffolding Enterprises, Delhi, has been a proud supplier of high quality reliable food grade gaskets and medical grade gaskets to whole of India since years. Please feel free to contact for more information on gaskets.

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