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Advantages of Gland Packing - Sealing Solutions Delhi NCRAlthough considered old technology, the advantages of the gland packings seals cannot be ignored. Gland Packing Seal is usually made from from virgin PTFE Yarns which are then pre-treated with continuous graphite impregnation. This is basically a contact type sealing element which is better adjustable and suitable when the job involves high pressures and circumferential speeds.

It is an extremely reliable sealing method with low cost of packing rings. Gland packing can be the most economic sealing solution depending upon the pumping process.

It is very simple to install and can be done by the maintenance personnel with no need to open pump housing and maintain.

Being tolerant to poor mechanical conditions like off-center shafts and worn down anti-friction bearings, it is easy to maintain too. These also give good performance in abrasive media and corrosive environments than mechanical seals.

As one size packing can be used in all similar sized pumps, it reduces the stock holding.

Another benefit is these not being fragile and can withstand a decent amount of mishandling without being destroyed.

New Age is a reliable supplier of non asbestos gland packing and graphite gland packing to various industries all across Punjab, Haryana, Uttar pradesh and neighbouring states. To know more about the applications of gland packing visit our page HERE.

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