Non asbestos Gland Packing - PTFE Gland Packing

Non asbestos Gland Packing - PTFE Gland PackingGland packing is the most common type of seal used for achieving zero leakage between a moving and a relatively stationary machine part. It is the least expensive and most versatile option. Gland Packing Seal is usually made from from virgin PTFE Yarns which are then pre-treated with continuous graphite impregnation. This is basically a contact type sealing element which is better adjustable and suitable when the job involves high pressures and circumferential speeds.
In older times, old ropes and natural fiber products were used for sealing purposes and as technology advanced PTFE gland packing has become the choice now. PTFE is recognized for its outstanding resistance to chemical exposure, low coefficient of friction and tolerance to wide range of temperature including cryogenic service, hence being the choice of material in PTFE based gland packings in both valve and pumping applications, in manufacturing units all across Punjab, Haryana, Uttar pradesh and neighbouring states.
Other applications of Gland packing are -
Stationary applications like tanks hatch cover sealing, manhole covers sealing, etc.
To reducing leakage along the stem in globe valve, gate valve etc
Used for reducing leakage of the working fluid in reciprocating pumps.
In propeller shaft sealing in life boats.
It is widely used in mining and ore processing, best adapting to the large shaft movements and equipment sizes.
Non asbestos PTFE gland packing in India proves to be suitable for a wide range of applications as metallurgical and chemical industry, paper & pulp, recycling plants, centrifugal pumps, rotatives, turbines, agitator valves, mixers, dryers and refiners etc.

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