Benefits of Graphite and PTFE Gland Packing

Benefits of Graphite and PTFE Gland Packing 
Being suppliers of asbestos free graphite and PTFE gland packing to entire North India, our company is an established name in the gaskets and seals industry. Now that we know the Properties of a good gland packing, let’s see what the benefits of these are.

 Gland Packing, we know is used for the applications where tight seal in static or rotating application is required. Non asbestos gland packing could be in PTFE, graphite, Teflon, Aramid, carbon, glass fiber, rubber core etc. The choice depends of purpose of application and other factors that have been stated in our earlier post.
Pure graphite GP is usually very flexible and supple hence serves as a good alternative to preformed graphite-rings. These can be used for all media like Steam, water, fuel, gases, chemicals, mineral and synthetic oils except highly oxidizing ones.
Graphite with PTFE GP is mainly a valve packing used for slow moving rotary equipment like plunger pumps in say the paint and lacquer industry. This should however be avoided to be used with Alkali metals, fluorine and fluorine compounds at high temperatures and pressures etc.
Pure PTFE GP is chemically inert making it best choice for use with nearly all fluids, including the most corrosive acids and alkali. It is also permitted by the FDA for use with foodstuffs, pharmaceutical products and potable water.
Now, speaking of graphite and PTFE GP in general, Graphite packings are suitable for use in applications that involve high pressure, greater shaft speed and high temperatures. Whereas PTFE packings are better utilized in pharmaceutical, food, aerospace, electrical etc where aggressive media is involved.
 Graphite packings are perfect alternatives to asbestos packings also owing to their ease of installation and maintenance.
Due to lower coefficient of friction, PTFE ones have a better shelf life. Both are cost effective and durable but when graphite packing is treated with PTFE, it adds to the benefits like preventing color contamination and gaining better stability.

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