Properties of a Good Gland Packing

Properties of a Good Gland PackingHaving spoken of asbestos gland packing, non asbestos gland packing and PTFE gland packing, we now understand that Gland packing is not an exact science. The efficacy and performance of a gland packing to provide a zero leakage seal depends upon many different variables.

We supply non asbestos graphite and PTFE gland packing to different companies all over North India and we emphasize the importance of considering the properties a good gland packing should have, like,

Anti friction – As gland packing has to face friction, it’s important it possesses anti friction properties and doesn’t heat up and burn during the process.

Chemical resistance – Since this packing is used in various industries including chemical industry, being chemical an fluid resistant is important so as to successfully stop and leakage and not get itself dissolved in the process.

Temperature Resistance and Resilience – it should not be affected by the temperature of fluid it is exposed to or the working conditions.

It should be non corrosive and should not contaminate the fluid it is used with, like when used in food or medical industry.

Compressibility and resilience are important so that it comes back to its original state when tension is released.

Last but not the least, it should not wear out any soon and should retain its properties for a long time.

Be sure of the precautions and factors like condition of plant; correct packing of the gland, following the right procedure of fitment, selecting appropriate grade and size of the gland packings etc to achieve the desired results.
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