Gaskets used in Petrochemical industry

Gaskets are needed in several different industries, including water and gas, food processing, and petrochemical. Gaskets are used as static seals to stop leakage between the two surfaces while compressed, because over time the joints may corrode, and without a gasket, the joints may break under compression. 

 The oil and gas or petrochemical industry mostly uses equipment and devices that process oil, gas, water, and many other chemical based elements. Any fallacious leaks by these elements can easily affect the operations of the industry. And so, it is necessary for any industry to wisely choose the gaskets for safer and more secure overall operations.

NewAge has been serving states like Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat for gaskets and seals for the petrochemical industry, including for use in the production and transportation of chemicals.

The most common types of gaskets for oil and gas applications.

PTFE gaskets are used in chemical handling equipment’s because of their high resistance to corrosive fluids & chemical. PTFE have high resistance to almost many chemical at different temperature & pressure except for certain alkali metals and fluorine compounds. The gaskets manufactured by Uni Klinger Limited find wide use here and we are authorised dealers of the same. With the chemical resistance of PTFE, and the strength and resilience of the inlay material, PTFE envelope gaskets combine the benefits of different materials 

High temperature mica or graphite gaskets that are incredibly flexible and even fire resistant.

Spiral wound gasket is the perfect solution for flanged joints, heat exchangers, boiler handholes, manholes, and other high-temperature, high-pressure applications—providing resistance to precisely every known corrosive and toxic element.Our company is renowned not oly as the best spiralwound gasket manufacturer but also the most reliable spiral wound gaskets exporter in India to Middle East, China, Africa.

Non asbestos gaskets are the eco friendly alternatives of asbestos gaskets. Non asbestos gaskets have proven very useful in factories because of their properties like - Excellent Heat and Pressure bearing capacity, Chemical Resistant, Good for use with water, Good for use with petrol, Have good resistance to natural gases, Non-stick etc.

Other gaskets widely used in oil and gas industry are the ring joint type and flat metal gaskets.


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