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Meet Our Happy Clients -Great Associations For Gasket and Sheets Requirements in India

Rightly said by the known author, Kate Zabriske, who has has worked on marketing teams for popular brands like Toyota, Sodexo, and Microsoft...

"The customer's perception is your reality."

We have always given importance and paid heed to our customer's opinions and that's why we have been trusted over for years by some great names to supply them with gaskets in Delhi units and in entire North India. To count a few -

India Glycol                          
Nuberg Engineering                    
Jubilant Organics Ltd  
Macawber Bookay ltd                       
Asian Paints                           
Cadbury India ltd                      
Nestle India
Larsen & Tubro                       
Dabur India Ltd                      
DLF India ltd                       
Ambuja Cement                        
Escorts Ltd                          
Oriental Carbon Chemical              
Adani Gas                          
Glaxo Smithline                    
Uflex Ltd                            
Indure ltd                        
Jindal Polyfirm                    
Creamy Food India                  
Balakrishna India Ltd
Dee Pharma Laboratories
Chaddha Sugar Mill
Dwarikesh Sugar India Ltd           
Dhampur Sugar Mill Ltd             
Goyal MG Gases 


MICA - What Is It

The term Mica describes a group of minerals which have excellent fissility properties due to their silicate layer lattice. Mica has a lamellar non-fibrous structure and has been developed for manu facturing of gaskets for high temperature
MICA - What Is It
High Temperature Gaskets - Graphite Gaskets Features

High Temperature Gaskets - Graphite Gaskets Features

High temperatures challenge many gasket materials. These high performance gasket materials are tested for fire safety. To talk of a few, nitrile gaskets will go up to about 95 degreeC, silicone gaskets to 200 degreeC and PTFE to 260 degreeC. Ceramic

Graphite Gaskets - Choice of Material

New Age Scaffolding is one of India's trusted suppliers of flexible high strength graphite gaskets to various industries. Flexible graphite which is an extremely versatile sealing material made without binders, resins or other additives can
Graphite Gaskets - Choice of Material
Choice of Gaskets in Food and Pharma Industry

Choice of Gaskets in Food and Pharma Industry

In food and beverage processing, hygiene is the most critically important factor above any other. ALong with this industry, pharma industry also represents some of the most rigorous operating environments for sealing components. Considering

How To Store The Gaskets to Maintain Their Shelf Life.

  Having talked about the Basics of Gaskets to Dangers of a blown head gasket, we understand that gaskets are one of the most critical parts of usage not only in our daily lfe in household and offices etc but play a mjor role in industrial
How To Store The Gaskets to Maintain Their Shelf Life.