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Food grade gaskets and other sealants are utilized for various applications in the food and packaging industry inclusive of machine processes like flashfreezing, Irradiation, pasteurization, hgh pressure processing, chemical additives packaging etc.. Stringent guidelines are followed in the facilities of the food sector to ensure quality and prevent contamination of consumables considering shelf life, perishables and non perishables.

New Age Scaffolding Enterprises, Delhi, has been a proud supplier of high quality reliable food grade gaskets to whole of India since years. Our product line of food grade gaskets include -

Neoprene Rubber
Silicone Rubber
Plain PTFE.

These are non-toxic,  non-allergenic.They have a high quality, long-life sheet designed specifically for general gasketing, countertops and skirting in all areas of food processing and pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing. We keep stocks of FDA approved Soft expanded PTFE gaskets from KLinger, the Klinger Universal Blue for thermal fluids appropriate for food and pharma industry and have been serving various names in Punjab, Uttarakhand, Himachal, Delhi and all North Indian states for their requirements since years.

The Food Grade Rubber Gasket is resistant to melting at high temperatures.

Resistance to animal fat and vegetable oils
Durable construction
High-quality rubber material

Can be customized as per your requirements. We are also one of the most reliable manufacturers and exporters of spiral wound gaskets in India to Africa, China, Middle east and other countries.

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