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Benefits of PTFE Gaskets - Industrial Gasket Suppliers IndiaPolytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE is a particularly versatile ivory-white and opaque plastic  
fluoropolymer; it is made by the free-radical polymerisation of many tetrafluoroethene  
molecules, and is suitable for a wide range of applications in industries as diverse as  
aerospace, the food and drink industry, pharmaceuticals and telecoms. Choosing gaskets made  
from PTFE can provide significant advantages for the right applications. Newage Scaffolding  
Delhi, is one of India's leading PTFE gasket supplier.

As a gasket material, PTFE has many benefits. PTFE offers many distinct advantages over  
elastomers. These advantages include corrosion resistance, massive temperature range  
capabilities, excellent electrical properties and an almost unlimited shelf life, to name a  

PTFE has a melting point around 327°C, and pure PTFE is almost totally chemically inert.
It is highly insoluble in most solvents or chemicals.
PTFE is thermally stable enough to be used between -200 degrees C and +260 degrees C without  
PTFE’s density is also very high, at 2200 kg/m3.
PTFE does not swell due to moisture absorption.
It is not susceptible to explosive decompression.
Virgin PTFE is FDA Compliant.
PTFE has excellent electrical properties such as dielectric strength and electrical  

When using PTFE, it is must to consider that it does not have a good resistance to high energy  
radiation, which will cause breakdown of the PTFE molecule.


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