The Purpose of Engine Gaskets

The Purpose of Engine GasketsOut of more than 250 individual components that make up the typical combustion engine used in current day cars, trucks and SUVs, gaskets are relatively inexpensive, somewhat simple vehicle components performing pivotal role withstanding extreme temperature and pressure. So as so good, but if these happen to fail, they can cost you your monthly paycheck. What are they supposed to do in your automobile?

Different parts of the engine are served by different gaskets, some inside the motor, while others connecting the engine to supporting components like the intake manifold, exhaust manifold, and water pumps. Thanks to the advanced technologies, physics and engineering, engine gaskets can well withstand contact with a variety of chemicals and tolerate temperature extremes without degrading or suffering any loss of performance, even with long-term use. Even at high pressures, a good quality gasket molds itself to and matches any imperfections in the surfaces being sealed. Their primary job is to keep debris from entering the engine, maintain a consistent internal pressure, and keep oil and other fluids from leaking the engine.

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The most important engine gaskets are -

Cylinder Head Gaskets -
Usually made of copper and placed between the cylinder head and the engine block, known as head gasket, this one prevents combustion gases from getting into the coolant system.

Intake and Exhaust Manifold Gaskets-
Its job is to regulate the temperature inside the chamber and prevent air from escaping during combustion, thus ensuring the fuel mixture has the right amount of oxygen for the engine to perform efficiently. 

Main Bearing Gaskets-
Generally made of rubber or silicone to hold up to high temperatures, it keeps the oil from moving past the crankshaft while it spins. 

Camshaft Gaskets-
Performing double duty, it not only prevents oil from seeping out, but it keeps dust and dirt from getting into the engine and causing damage.

These gaskets have their own reasons for failure, like you can read about Why does a head gasket blow in our other blog post and it’s important to be vigilant of the warning signs. You can also read what to go for - repair or replacement in case the head gasket of your automobile blows, in one of our blogs.

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