Gaskets for Chemical Industry - Industrial Gasket Suppliers India

Gaskets for Chemical Industry - Industrial Gasket Suppliers India
Just like any other manufacturing and processing industry, chemical industry also uses big and small machines and packing material, like, sealing pumps, valves, tanks and fluid metering devices, flanges, nuts and bolts etc. This industry in particular demands for high performance sealing materials with three main characteristics:

Outstanding chemical resistance to various aggressive media
Resistance to high and low temperature and pressure extremes
Robust mechanical strength

Fulfilling these requirements and all safety concern measures, New Age Gaskets has been one of the most trusted suppliers of industrial gaskets to various chemical companies all over North India, states like UP, Himachal,Uttarakhand, Gurgaon etc.

We are authorized suppliers of high temperature MICA sheets marked KLINGER – MILAP / FRENZELIT – GERMANY for Temperature up to 1000 degree Celsius and high pressures too. Spiral wound gaskets, the perfect solution for flanged joints, heat exchangers, boiler handholds and other high-temperature, high-pressure applications—providing resistance to precisely every known corrosive and toxic element and also, Metal reinforced expanded graphite sheets for high temperatures, the make of FRENZELIT – GERMANY, are among our products. Flange Gaskets offer additional reliability where temperatures are higher, so do the spiral-wound gaskets, steam gaskets.

A reliable gasket provides the capacity to resist some of the most difficult environments for industrial sealing products, including Chemical processing, Power generation, Petrochemical, Deep Sea and alike. Gaskets are placed between flange faces to protect against leakage. The seals and bolts that hold flanges together are subject to the same environment as pipe and pipe fittings.

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