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Ready Cut Gaskets and Sheets in North India

Die cut gaskets serve as a seal between two different surfaces. When enough bolt load creates a compressive force, a ready cut gasket seals the gap between the surfaces. The seal also fills imperfections on the mating surfaces, which can solve potential design defects and application errors.Being a smart choice for connector gaskets and with the ability to create a range of gasket sizes with tight tolerances,  it’s  used to produce many other types of seals and insulation.

Applications and uses of die cut gaskets include -

Controls, valves, bearings, pumps
Electrical, lighting, electronics
Agriculture, irrigation
Pools, spas

Lets speak of the benefits these offer ..

Die cut gaskets are produced on rotary or flatbed equipment with features that help to reduce setup costs. Automated handling systems can replace manual material feeding. Choosing a good die can help control project costs. Hence, this offers a low setup cost.

Die cutting is a global industry where customers can choose from companies in nearby communities. Delhi based authorized gasket supplier, New Age Scaffolding, supplies high quality cut gaskets and sheets to entire North India. Shorter supply chains can reduce some expenses.

These are pretty cost effective when it comes to design chenages. Metal dies don’t have to be expensive, however, especially compared to other parts production techniques.Cost of a new die isn’t so much that revisions will cause cost overruns.

If you are looking for AUTHORISED DEALERS for KLINGER / CHAMPION & FRENZELIT-GERMANY for ‘READY CUT GASKETS & SHEETS’, please connect to our team.


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