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Graphite Gaskets - Choice of Material

New Age Scaffolding is one of India's trusted suppliers of flexible high strength graphite gaskets to various industries. Flexible graphite which is an extremely versatile sealing material made without binders, resins or other additives can be combined with various interlayer materials to improve performance and handling, hence, making it the obvious choice for internal combustion applications. You can see efficient use of the same in following -

Gasoline/diesel engine head gaskets
Exhaust manifold gaskets
Exhaust ring seals
Turbo charger gaskets
Intake manifold and crossover gaskets
Gas turbine seals and gaskets
Heat shields
Noise and vibration harshness (NVH)

That is in many industries like -

Chemicals and petrochemical plants
Cooling towers
Heat exchangers
High pressure pipes
Hot oil equipment
Paper mills

Let's see why is graphite a choice of material in the above said.

Graphite is resilient and compressible - It has a high compressibility and low creep under temperature or pressure. Its unlimited storage life makes and ability to recover after compression protecting systems from load loss caused by bolt stretch makes it a prefered choice.

Graphite is thermally stable - Dependable performance is assured from -240°C (400°F) to 3000°C (5400°F) in non-oxidizing atmospheres, and up to 450°C (850°F) in oxidizing environments. Resistance to high and low temperatures across a wide temperature range and is corrosion resistant at most temperatures and pressures.

Graphite is naturally lubricious - Natural lubricity makes flexible graphite the ideal choice for gasket and seal applications where surface movement exists. Even in sliding movements, flexible graphite maintains the utmost in performance and sealability. Also, graphite gaskets can resist pH changes. This is especially important for chemical processes or reactions that involve the addition of acids and bases.

Graphite is easily cut - Using conventional tools, flexible graphite can be cut or molded into most required configurations. Flexible graphite is manufactured in both sheets and laminate forms (with or without metal and nonmetallic cores) and is offered in any thickness from 75 microns (0.003") to 1650 microns (0.065") in a variety of densities.

Graphite is anisotropic - Due to its crystalline structure, flexible graphite exhibits anisotropic characteristics with physical properties such as electrical and thermal conductivity and tensile strength.

To learn about Types of graphite gaskets, keep reading our blog section.



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