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Choice of Gaskets in Food and Pharma IndustryIn food and beverage processing, hygiene is the most critically important factor above any other. ALong with this industry, pharma industry also represents some of the most rigorous operating environments for sealing components. Considering long-term hygienic sealing performance, seals in these applications are frequently faced with temperature and pressure extremes with no margin for error at all. The impact of process media and chemicals used in cleaning and sterilization also have a significant effect on seal lifetime and reliability. Therefore, the food and beverage industry requires safety approvals, quality assurance, and quality control measures throughout the process.

Our Delhi based gasket supplying company very minutely takes care of the quality standards when it comes to gaskets for food industry and gaskets for medical and pharma industry in India.
PTFE is a widely used material that is FDA-compliant. Using PTFE gaskets helps entrepreneurs in the food products industry to produce export-quality products. Static and dynamic gaskets are available for the food and beverage industry, as per requirement. Static gaskets and seals are used when there is little to no motion required between two surfaces and dynamic seals are best when movement is required by the application.  
All materials used for gaskets in the food and beverage industry are required to be completely free of toxic substances or microorganisms which could put consumers’ health at risk.

These gaskets are used in a variety of food related industry, to name a few -

Food Machinery Manufacturers 
Processed Food Machinery
Drink Processing
Conveyor Belting Equipment 
Food Testing Labs
Fragrances and Flavorings 
Chocolate Factories 

Common Gasket Materials for the Food and Beverage Industry:

Silicone: inherently inert to bacteria, mold and fungi, great when exposed to ozone and oxygen, excellent heat resistance, cold flexibility and dielectric properties, exceptional low surface energy meaning seals will not adhere to counterparts and are suitable for use in hot water animal and plant fat some lubricants and glycerin. 

EPDM rubber: high resistance to chemicals, does well in hot water & steam and excellent for most dairy applications.

NBR: ideal for meat and poultry processing because it performs well in animal and vegetable fats, good resistance to hydrocarbons of high aromatic content and water.

Specification Elastomers: that are usually custom designed to meet your exact applications needs and are effective under extreme high and low temperatures and not easily effected by environmental factors like water, sun and atmospheric gases. 

FDA Nitrile Rubber: can withstand temperatures of -40 degrees F to 212 degrees F and has a high resistance to animal fat and vegetable oils. 

Certain Plastics

These are the choice of materials for the strict food and beverage industry regulations because they have a high resistance to chemicals, do well in hot water and steam and maintain their properties in most dairy applications. Many industrial gasket materials are well suited to sealing oil, gas, seawater and other aggressive media, but would not be appropriate for the food or beverage processing industries so when it comes to human consumption, it is important that every required guideline and certification is followed meticulously.


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