Gaskets in Agriculture and Irrigation

Gaskets in Agriculture and IrrigationGaskets are a vital part of the agricultural industry as they’re used in a variety of farming equipment from tractors to water pumps.The choice of gaskets used in agriculture and irrigation is governed by many factors, like resistance to weather, farm chemicals, temperature fluctuations. The materials chosen are considered based on strength, longevity, ease of manufacture, resistance to rough handling and of course price.

In this sector, even a small leaks can result in insufficient oil lubrication that damage the internal components of the machine or equipment. being suppliers of agriculture gaskets to all farming states like Punjab, Haryana, UP, Himachal etc, our team takes pleasure in guiding and advising about specific properties of the gaskets, for you to be able to choose wisely. Decomposition of fertiliser over a time period, producing ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and chloride can increase corrosion. There are many changes and fluctuations of a product over time. A good quality, well designed gasket and seal is a must to withstand all this.

Common Gasket Materials Used in the Agricultural Industry

EPDM: for longevity & ability to cope with drastic temperature fluctuations. Used for seals, washers, flexible chutes, skirting, weather seals etc.

PTFE: High strength chemicals, low-friction sealing for bearings and strong chemicals.
Reinforced Rubber: for durability, impact resistance and ability to hold its shape, used for skirting, flooring.

Nitrile Rubber: for high oil resistance up to 120 degrees, hydraulic fluid, engine oil etc.

Viton Rubber: has excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals and fertilisers, petroleum oils, mineral, vegetable oils. Inorganic and organic chemicals.

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