Gaskets in Agriculture and Farming India

Gaskets are mechanical seals that are designed to fill space between two or more mating mechanical surfaces used to prevent leaks while under compression. Agricultural machines and equipments like tractors, power tools like chainsaws, generators, pumps all use gaskets,a malfunction of which can result in leaks and damage to equipment.  In addition to leaks, increased friction can result when a gasket no longer works, resulting in the production of heat.  Here comes the role of high quality agricultural gaskets that Delhi based NewAge Scaffolding has been providing to states like Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and more.

The need of gaskets and seals in the farming sector lies predominantly in oily, pressure sensitive applications, including high fuel and chemical based environments.
With some chemicals being more corrosive than others, resistance to farm chemicals, such as fertilisers and weed killers, is scathing . Changes in chemicals over time can increase corrosion as seen at times in the decomposition of fertiliser, producing ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, and chloride. Acidic conditions, such as caused by ammonium phosphate and ammonium hydrate, lead to the increased corrosion of metals and rubber parts. Sealing against many different environmental factors is foremost for a good quality gasket.

Leaks are the first sign that a gasket is in need of replacement.  Its important to understand when leaks are allowed to continue, the problem becomes worse as it is likely that the machine will overheat as a result of improper lubrication.  It is usually far cheaper to fix a gasket issue rather than to replace a piece of equipment for the farm.

Common Gasket Materials Used in the Agricultural Industry

EPDM: for longevity & ability to cope with drastic temperature fluctuations. Used for seals, washers, flexible chutes, skirting, weather seals etc.

PTFE: High strength chemicals, low-friction sealing for bearings and strong chemicals.

Reinforced Rubber: for durability, impact resistance and ability to hold its shape, used for skirting, flooring.

Nitrile Rubber: for high oil resistance up to 120 degrees, hydraulic fluid, engine oil etc.

Viton Rubber: has excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals and fertilisers, petroleum oils, mineral, vegetable oils. Inorganic and organic chemicals.

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